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                      Clad Metal Plates
                      Ti/CS Clad Plates
                      Titanium Clad Steel Plates
                      SS/CS Clad Plates
                      Stainless Steel Clad Carbon Steel Plates
                      Zr/CS, Ta/CS, Ni/CS & Cu/CS Clad Plates
                      Zr/CS, Ta/CS, Ni/CS & Cu/CS Clad Plates
                      Other Clad Materials
                      Other Clad Metal Materials
                      Titanium & Titanium Alloy Materials
                      Titanium Tube
                      Titanium tube
                      Titanium Plate
                      Titanium plate
                      Home Products Clad Metal Plates Other Clad Materials
                      Other Clad Metal Materials
                      Various kinds of nonferrous metals, rare metals.

                      Fields of Application:
                      Industries such as metallurgy, energy, chemical industry, sports goods, etc.

                      SB265 Gr.5 / TP304 Clad Plate for Golf

                      SB221 L1/SB265 Gr.1/SA516 Gr.70 Clad Flake for Naval

                      Transitional Joints Clad Rod
                      Other Clad Products


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