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                      Clad Metal Plates
                      Ti/CS Clad Plates
                      Titanium Clad Steel Plates
                      SS/CS Clad Plates
                      Stainless Steel Clad Carbon Steel Plates
                      Zr/CS, Ta/CS, Ni/CS & Cu/CS Clad Plates
                      Zr/CS, Ta/CS, Ni/CS & Cu/CS Clad Plates
                      Other Clad Materials
                      Other Clad Metal Materials
                      Titanium & Titanium Alloy Materials
                      Titanium Tube
                      Titanium tube
                      Titanium Plate
                      Titanium plate
                      Home ¡ú News
                      TLC organized training and lecture for the young employees ¡¡ (2009/4/8)
                      TLC organized employees to visit the new premises of Jingwei Industria... ¡¡ (2009/4/8)
                      Flying youth and chanting life ¨C The Youth League Branch of TLC organi... ¡¡ (2009/4/8)
                      Heart of a harmonious society ¨C Love for poor students ¡¡ (2009/4/8)
                      ¡°Hold quality in hand and bear quality in mind¡± ¨C TLC succeeded in hol... ¡¡ (2008/11/17)

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                      Add: Xijin Road, Jingwei Industrial Park, Xi¡¯an Economic & Technologic Development Zone, Shaanxi, China  Postcode: 710201
                      Tel: 029-86968301, 029-86968320¡¡E-mail: zyg@c-tlc.comhxs@c-tlc.com ¡¡Desgined By ThomasChina