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                      Clad Metal Plates
                      Ti/CS Clad Plates
                      Titanium Clad Steel Plates
                      SS/CS Clad Plates
                      Stainless Steel Clad Carbon Steel Plates
                      Zr/CS, Ta/CS, Ni/CS & Cu/CS Clad Plates
                      Zr/CS, Ta/CS, Ni/CS & Cu/CS Clad Plates
                      Other Clad Materials
                      Other Clad Metal Materials
                      Titanium & Titanium Alloy Materials
                      Titanium Tube
                      Titanium tube
                      Titanium Plate
                      Titanium plate
                      Home ¡ú About Us ¡ú Productions Facilities Condition ¡ú Quality Control Equipment

                      Quality Aduit Facility

                      Xi¡¯an Tianli Clad Metal Materials Co., Ltd. a complete set of detection equipment for the UT, PT and RT performances of composite, and it entrusts the Western Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Nonferrous Metals Society of China to carry out the materials¡¯ physical & chemical performance tests.

                      Thickness Detector
                      USA Panametrics-NDT Corp,
                      25 MULTI PLUS
                      X-Ray Diffract Meter
                      Philips PW1700
                      Impact Testing Machine


                      UT SONATEST
                      Masterscan 380
                      OLYMPUS Optical Microscope Alloys Detector
                      USA NITON LLC Corp.
                      NITON XLT800
                      Omnipotence Testing Machine


                      Tensile Strength Tester Roughness Detector
                      Germany Marh Corp.
                      Perthometer M1
                      Cold Bend Testing Machine
                       Fatigue Tester

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